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Since 1998, LORENTE ABOGADOS is specialised in the field of legal matters in Spain. We have extensive experience on these matters which is based on our knowledge of the laws and legislations, especially with regards to property transfers, inheritances and gifts.


Mariano Lorente is member of the Valencia College of Lawyers.

Mariano Lorente completed his Law Degree in the University of Valencia in 1998 with an Award for Extraordinary Excellence and began a Masters course on the Practice of Law in Valencian society, being awarded an Extraordinary Prize. He has been practicing law since 1999 and is a member of the Valencia College of Lawyers.

Mariano Lorente also obtained Distinction in his Criminal and Economic Law studies in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is currently a member of the International Congress of Lawyers and of the Judicial Services Council of the Valencia College.

His hobbies are the martial arts and has been a kick-boxing champion, although he now plays golf with his colleagues.

Once you have decided to purchase a particular property, we will draw up the Private Purchase Agreement containing the legal terms and conditions by which the purchase has been agreed.

This documents is usually signed by both parties (the vendor and the purchaser) or their representatives, and at this point the initial payment (or deposit) is handed over. Since there are various types of contracts, we will discuss the most convenient one depending on the individual needs of each our client.

Searches are also carried out in the Land Registry to ensure that the property is legal and without debts, which will give the prospective purchaser peace of mind knowing that there will be no hidden surprises.

If everything goes to plan, which it usually does, on the agreed date for completion both parties appear in the presence of the Notary and the Public Purchase Deeds are granted and the purchasers become the owners of the property. Once this has taken place, all documents are submitted to the corresponding Land Registry for registration.

In the event that the purchasers require a mortgage loan for the purchase, or construction, or even the for a home improvement (such as swimming pool or extension), we are able to assist you when talking with a local bank in this respect.

As every individual needs are different, and will be discussed in confidence in our offices, and usually we are able to provide a tailor made deal to suit each requirement in particular.

We are able to provide suitable contracts for rentals of residential properties as well as commercial or business premises.

Should the clients wish, we can also handle all tax matters regarding their business and dealings with the corresponding Town Halls to obtain the relevant authorisation trading licenses, etc…

Any person with interests in Spain, such as a property owner or an investor, should grant a Last Will and Testament for assets situated in Spain territory.

This relatively simple formality will ensure that those left behind will not have to face a complex paper chase at difficult moment in life.

We usually recommend that the Spanish Will is limited to assets situated in other jurisdictions should be dealt with a Will granted in those jurisdictions.

Property or other assets situated in Spain that have been Willed or bequeathed to one have the right of disposal.

We arrange all the required formalities to be carried out and registries (if appropriate), and all duties and taxes to be paid in accordance with current legislation.

Depending on the nature of the business it is sometimes advisable to set up a company.

We arrange all the required formalities and registration of the required formalities and registration of the new company in the Company Registry, with the Tax Authorities, Social Security etc…

Any disputes that require the intervention of the Courts are handled by our in-office Lawyers.

If you are in the unfortunate situation that you are facing a separation or a divorce, it is very important that you are legally represented by a competent lawyer who has experience in these matters, especially in turbulent times. This is crucial for your future well-being, as there may be jointly-owned Spanish assets and perhaps children to consider

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