As I am writing this well-deserved testimonial and thinking of my first calls of desperation to the four or five lawyers who all said that our case was hopeless. I am so glad that by chance a friend asked "had we spoken to Mariano yet?" Thank goodness we did, I remember very well his words after hearing our dilemma. "Some lawyers see problems I only see solutions". Having engaged his srvices we found him to be "a man on a mission". To watch him work was pure harmony. Finally to all those thinking of using the services of Mariano he is thorough, creative and fast. He catches hold of things that other good lawyers miss. He proposed for us a creative wordkable solution for both parties.

Mariano we can't thank you enough for solving our nightmare and bringing to a positive end, so quickly and efficiently! What else can I say? Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU."

Gordon & Sally