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English Spoken Lawyer

Since 1998, Lorente Abogados is specialised in the field of legal matters in Spain. We have extensive experience on these matters which is based on our knowledge of the laws and legislations, especially with regards to property transfers, inheritances and gift. If you are in the Valencia area and you need English spoken Lawyer for any conveyancing or litigation matters.

We provide to our clients with all information in English and all legal documents that we send to our clients are translated into English.

Lorente Lawyer is a law firm expert in:

Litigation (Civil and Criminal): While civil law cases involve disputes between individuals or entities in which the parties seek a resolution to a contractual or other civil issue, criminal law cases involve the prosecution of an individual for a criminal act. In a civil case, the lawsuit is brought by an individual or entity seeking monetary or other remuneration from another individual or entity. A criminal law case is initiated by a prosecutor. An individual or entity found legally accountable in a civil lawsuit may be ordered to pay money, give up property, or perform certain contractual obligations, but are not subject to imprisonment. A person convicted of a criminal offense, however, may be ordered to pay a fine, and may be incarcerated.

Conveyancing: Once you have decided to purchase a particular property, we will draw up the Private Purchase Agreement containing the legal terms and conditions by which the purchase has been agreed. This document is usually signed by both parties ( the vendor and the purchaser) or their representatives, and at this point the initial payment (or deposit) is handed over. Since there are various types of contracts, we will discuss the most convenient one depending on the individual needs of each our client. Searches are also carried out in the Land Registry to ensure that the property is legal and without debts, which will give the prospective purchaser peace of mind knowing that there will be no hidden surprises. If everything goes to plan, which it usually does, on the agreed date for completion both parties appear in the presence of the Notary and the Public Purchase Deeds are granted and the purchasers become the owners of the property. Once this has taken place, all documents are submitted to the corresponding Land Registry for registration

Family Law: Family law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such divorce, child custody...

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